Art About Not Making Art

Art About Not Making Art

By Tantrum Youth Arts


With Harrison Bishop, David Gairdner, Eryn Leggatt, Campbell McGillivray, Amy Morris, Alexandra Rose, Alex Travers & Chloe Warren


Creative Production by Chris Dunstan and Internship by Alex Travers


Website and Graphic Design by Eryn Leggatt


Consultation by Branch Nebula


In late 2020, Tantrum invited eight local early-career artists to gather regularly at Tantrum's Studio to explore what it was to be an artist in a COVID world. The selected artists conducted research and investigated what it was to be and feel 'unproductive'. 


Together, these artists disrupted the natural order of things by prioritising creativity over outcome and instead focused on collective sharing and reflection as acts with implicit value. These experiments were built on the belief that even if artists aren't showing their audiences something, it doesn't mean the work and the creativity behind its production isn't of value.  


One experiment led to another and the FLEXPO website was launched. Combined with Tantrum's partner project with young people, FLEXPO is a stay-at-home site of creative production offering experiments to the general public.