Supported by The Laboratory; a writer’s circle program for developing work, peer networking and dramaturgical support by Montague Basement in partnership with bAKEHOUSE.


A daughter dances in a sequin dance costume.


A mother threads time.


A father forgets.


As memory collides with fragmented narrative in a world rendered by empty promise, a husband and wife play a lullaby on loop; tantalisingly close to finding their daughter and losing themselves. Set somewhere between the 1970s and now, OBLIVION plays an uncanny host to a tiny kingdom of marital habit, family ties and love at every cost.


OBLIVION is a work of magical realism and was first performed as a staged reading at KXT as part of The Lab Report in December, 2020. The work was directed by Saro Lusty Cavallari with actors Pip Edwards, Shane Russon and Nicola Bowman.


OBLIVION is a one-act play and is available for production.