Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Creative Concept and Performance by Alex Travers

Produced by Alex Travers (Old 505 Theatre season)

Co-Produced by Alex Travers & Tantrum Youth Arts (Civic Playhouse season)

Video Design by Madeline Parker

Devised by Alex Travers, Danielle Asquith, Karen Burns and Amy Morris


Ophelia will not be silenced.


Enter a world of dreams where reality and fantasy blur and an epic tale is retold by one voice, and all of herselves. In a captivating rebellion, see Shakespeare’s Ophelia empowered in a world beyond the pages of Hamlet.


Sleep, Perchance to Dream is a distinctive physical and visual theatre work which re-imagines Ophelia as a force of thought, creativity and strength. Drawing on clown, Butoh, and Suzuki Method, this unleashed and intricate underworld spans a manifold of identities from seed to full bloom.


This work was originally developed with the support of Tantrum Youth Arts' 2017 Trajectory Residency and was performed as a work in development at Newcastle's Crack X.


In 2018, Sleep, Perchance to Dream was developed in co-production with Tantrum Youth Arts and premiered at Civic Playhouse, Newcastle. In 2019, the work was presented at The Old 505 Theatre, Sydney as part of their FreshWorks season.