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Performances by Alex Travers

Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Creative Concept and Performance by Alex Travers

Video Design by Madeline Parker

Devised by Alex Travers, Danielle Asquith, Karen Burns and Amy Morris

Video by Madeline Parker

An extraordinary tour-de-force that's left me shattered and empowered.

Ophelia will not be silenced.


Enter a world of dreams where the line between reality and fantasy is blurred, female ambition is questioned, and womxn is born. In a captivating rebellion, see Shakespeare’s Ophelia empowered in a world beyond the pages of ‘Hamlet’.


Sleep, Perchance to Dream is a distinctive physical and visual theatre work which re-imagines Ophelia as a force of thought, creativity and strength. Incisively exploring the modern female experience, this unleashed and intricate underworld spans a manifold of ephemeral identities from seed to full bloom.


This work was originally developed with the support of Tantrum Youth Arts' 2017 Trajectory Residency and was performed as a work in development at Newcastle's Crack X.


In 2018, Sleep, Perchance to Dream was developed in co-production with Tantrum Youth Arts and premiered at Civic Playhouse, Newcastle. In January 2019, after further creative development the work was presented at The Old 505 Theatre as part of their FreshWorks season.

The Stage Where We Met

Creative Concept and Performance by Alex Travers

Produced by The Newcastle Fringe Festival 

Performed at The Royal Exchange in Bolton Street

28 January – 1 February 1 2016

I’m standing on stage.

You’re watching me.

It’s weird isn’t it? 

The act of walking on a stage. The act of laughing. The act of crying. The act of challenging. The act of feeling.


The Stage Where We Met is a self-devised and experiential performance work that considers why theatre makes us feel. It challenges the act of acting. It’s like being in a play that considers the act of being in a play. 

Choosing an original script at random, two almost strangers meet. One of them knows the script on the page, neither of them knows what’s going to happen off it. 


The Stage Where We Met was produced by The Newcastle Fringe Festival and performed at The Royal Exchange in Bolton Street from 28 January - 1 February 1 2016. 

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